Stainless Steel Corner Angle

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The HAOGIN stainless steel corner angles are to be used where there is a mechanical stress on tiled wall corners which becomes only obvious after installation of the tiles. The stainless steel corner angles are manufactured using 1mm or 0.8mm thick stainless steel 304 (1.4301=V2A). A foil protects the corner from scratches prior to installation.The HAOGIN Stainless Steel Wall corner angler is retrospectively fixed using appropriate adhesives. Stainless steel corner angle is used to provide protection on external corners after the main wall covering or finish has been installed. Especially useful in renovations where damage has already occurred and the corner angle is then used to cover the damage at minimal cost. The HAOGIN Wal corner angle provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to major renovations.HAOGIN stainless steel corner angles are designed to absorb and protect against impact damage on external corners on walls. Suitable for retro fixing the profiles provide a decorative and clean finish, as well as covering exsisting damage to walls ,so the wall covering doesn't have to be replaced.The stainless steel corner angles are particulary suited for areas where hygiene is paramount such as kitchens and hospitals.

Depending on the amount of protection required, you may choose angles 30 mm, 40 mm or 60 mm wide. The corner wall surface must be clean from dust, grease, oil and dry.