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Corner Protectors


Stainless Steel Corner Angle


HAOGIN corner angler is retrospectively fixed using appropriate adhesives. This corner angle is used to provide protection on external corners. Especially useful in renovations where damage has already occurred and the corner angle is then used to cover the damage. This Wal corner angle provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to major renovations.

Stainless Steel Tile-in Corner Protector-external

These external corner protectors are especially well suited for wall corners subjected to frequent high impact. These HAOGIN corner protectors are fitted with 8 to 12mm tiles on external walls and columns. The size of corner protectors are 30mm x 30mm. The corner protectors are used for decorative purposes as well as protection.

Stainless Steel Tile-in Corner Protector-internal

HAOGIN internal corner protectors are installed flush with a tiled surface. They are also decorative in design and easy to clean. These corner protectors have been specially developed for protecting the corners of tiles. This corner protector is suitable for industries demanding a high degree of hygiene.