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Aluminum Tile Trim


Aluminum Quadrant Edge Tile Trim


The aluminum quadrant edge tile trim speed up installation by eliminating time consuming mitring and improve the tile finish by covering sharp edges. This HAOGIN aluminum trim is available in a variety of depths. This aluminum trim is used for decorative purposes and for tile edge protection.

Aluminum Round Edge Tile Trim

This round edge aluminum trim designed to protect the edges of ceramic tiles or similar hard finishes fitted in wall or floor installations. This HAOGIN aluminum trim is used for decorative purposes and for tile edge protection. These aluminum trims are in Bright Gold and BrIght Silver.

Aluminum Square Edge Trim

HAOGIN aluminum square edge trim is available in two sizes (10mm and 12mm). This aluminum trim is versatile in that it can be used as an edge trim on the vertical with wall tiles, on the horizontal with floor tiles or as a feature strip in wall or floor tiling applications.

Aluminum Straight Edge Trim

This aluminum trim can be used against any type of floor material. HAOGIN aluminum straight edge trim is an ‘L’ shaped extruded aluminum profile designed to protect the edges. This aluminum trim provides a decorative finish for interior applications such as tiled walls and fireplaces.

Aluminum Tile Listello

Aluminum tile listello is a border profile with which you can create optically appealing wall coverings. The versatile aluminum tile listello can be used either as an economic alternative to ceramic listello or as a wainscot trim.