stainless steel processing
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HAOGIN located in Foshan, Guangdong province, providing customers with a variety of professional ceramic tile and stone decorative trim, our products can be used in wall, floor, stair, corner edge decoration and protection. Our Product commissioned professional aluminum and stainless steel processing plants, to exquisite, high quality, strict manufacturing processes. HAOGIN, responsible for the production out of every batch of goods to carry out meticulous, strict quality inspection and control and put the best product delivery to customers. Under normal circumstances, the our price for FOB Foshan price. We will strive to improve the delivery time, so your satisfaction.
In addition to our site to display products, you also can provide products that you need a model or provide the size specifications contain drawings, requires that we produce for you. Even in relation to the bending of stainless steel parts, pressure semicircle trough, vol lap, punching the ordinary plasma cutting, creating pits and other processing services, we can also provide you with. When we receive your e-mail, will reply to you the first time.

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